Groh v. Westin Operator, LLC, 347 P.3d 606 (Colo. 2015)

A Colorado Supreme Court decision affirming the Court of Appeals decision.

Groh v. Westin Operator, LLC, 352 P.3d 472 (Colo. 2013)

A Colorado Court of Appeals decision regarding a case of first impression concerning the duty of a hotel when evicting a guest.

Spencer v. Sytsma, 67 P.3d 1 (Colo. 2003)

A Colorado Supreme Court Decision which resulted in a decision that held the Rules of Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure should be liberally construed.

Cung La v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, 830 P.2d 1007 (Colo. 1992)

Causation was found where the driver of a motor vehicle was shot by another driver in an underinsured motorist case.

Lira v. Shelter, 832 P.2d 240 (Colo. 1992)

Punitive damages are not subject to reduction by application of the comparative negligence or pro rata liability statutes. Mr. Shafner represented and tried the case entitled Davis v. Lira which led to an assignment of Lira’s bad faith claim to Davis and the subsequent appellate case Lira v. Shelter.

Davis v. Lira, 817 P.2d 539 (Colo. App. 1991)

When a driver of a motor vehicle hits another motor vehicle in the rear the law presumes the driver was negligent.

Lira v. Davis, 832 P.2d 240 (Colo.1992)

Punitive damage are not subject to reduction on the basis of assigned fault under comparative negligence and pro rata liability statues.

Martinez v. W.R. Grace Co., 782 P.2d 827 (Colo. 1989)

Subsequent remedial measures are admissible for impeachment.

Klausz v. Dillon Companies, Inc., 779 P.2d (Colo. 1989)

A Colorado Supreme Court Decision that declared the 1986 Premises Liability Act unconstitutional.