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Tragic rear-end collision in Colorado

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Auto Accidents

Colorado motorists must comply with traffic laws, and they should always be cautious and alert at the wheel, especially when navigating heavy traffic. Fundamental safety precautions, such as keeping a safe distance between vehicles often helps to avoid a crash if a vehicle in front slows down or comes to a stop in the roadway. A tragedy recently occurred following a rear-end collision on I-70.

The collision occurred when a Jeep hit the back of a Mercedes. It is unclear whether the Mercedes had slowed down in traffic or had come to a full stop moments before the collision. Rescuers transported the driver of the Mercedes to a nearby hospital, where she was listed in serious condition.

Fatal collision

Sadly, a passenger who was traveling in the Mercedes did not survive the injuries she suffered upon impact when the Jeep struck the back of the vehicle. The occupants of the Jeep did not suffer any injuries in the collision. Investigators do not believe alcohol or drugs were factors in this incident.

Serious condition means that life is at risk

Thankfully, the driver of the Mercedes was still alive when she arrived at the hospital. However, being listed in serious condition as a victim of a car accident means that injuries may potentially result in loss of life. If a person survives serious injuries that were caused by another driver’s negligence, he or she may seek financial relief in court. In cases of fatality, an immediate family member of a deceased victim may file a wrongful death claim against the person deemed responsible for the incident that caused fatal injuries to a loved one.