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Colorado intersection collision has fatal results

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Wrongful Death

There are certain sections of roadways in Colorado and elsewhere that can be particularly challenging to navigate, especially for inexperienced drivers. Intersections are high-risk areas that require motorists to always be alert and cautious. If a crossroad has no traffic signals or stop signs, the risk of collision is even greater. A recent collision ended tragically.

Denver police were dispatched to an accident scene at an intersection on a recent Wednesday night. They discovered that the force of the impact in the crash had caused one of two vehicles to wind up on a nearby sidewalk. Both vehicles that were involved in the collision sustained extensive damage and were said to be totaled.

The collision resulted in a fatality

Sadly, one of the vehicle occupants did not survive the collision. Roads in both directions were closed to traffic while responders attended to the tragedy. The medical examiner’s office stated that it would reveal the decedent’s identity at a later time.

Common causes of fatal collisions in Colorado

When there is a fatality in a Colorado collision, investigators typically try to recreate the crash to determine exactly what or who may have caused it. Statistics show that such collisions are often caused by distracted drivers or those who were operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. When a family has lost a loved one in a collision due to driver negligence, an immediate relative of the fatally injured victim may seek restitution by filing a wrongful death claim in civil court. Litigation often results in compensation that can be used to help offset funeral costs and other monetary losses associated with a loved one’s death.