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Driver fatigue, inattention suspected in Wyoming crash

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2023 | Auto Accidents

On a recent Tuesday, two vehicles collided on a Wyoming highway. One vehicle had crossed the center line of traffic and entered an oncoming lane. The force of impact from the crash had disastrous results.

A westbound Dodge Ram with two occupants was struck by a Chevy Impala. Both individuals suffered injuries. The driver of the Impala did not survive. A preliminary investigation showed that the driver’s inattention and fatigue may have been contributing factors in the crash.

Wyoming highways have become more dangerous

Last year, there were 12 motor vehicle fatalities in the state. So far in 2023, there have been 28 deaths in Wyoming attributed to car accidents. Driver negligence, intoxication and fatigue are often the primary cause of such collisions.

Recovering victims may seek restitution

When a person suffers injury in a Wyoming motor vehicle collision that was caused by the negligence of another, state law provides recourse by allowing the recovering victim to file a personal injury claim in civil court. If, as in this case, the person who caused the accident dies, a claim may be filed against his or her estate. When the court rules in favor of a plaintiff in a personal injury claim, it typically awards compensation, which may then be used to help offset medical bills or other expenses associated with the incident. In cases where a victim has suffered fatal injuries, an immediate family member may file a claim on behalf of the victim’s estate.