Avoid Injury during the Holiday SeasonBetween decorating, shopping, school performances and parties, things can get pretty crazy in December.  Here are some tips to help you avoid the most common holiday injuries.

1: Decorate safely.

The most common holiday injuries involve falls from roofs and ladders.  Make sure someone is available to help you if you fall.  Keep children on the ground, especially if they are aspiring circus performers.  Also, most decorating falls involve alcohol.  Resist.

2: Be careful with knives.

Weirdly, slicing injuries to fingers and hands are the second most common holiday injury.  Well-taped gifts are exciting, but don’t pull out your pocket knife and throw caution to the wind.  Got youngsters?  Get safety scissors.

3: No flaming Christmas trees.

Real trees should be fresh, not crunchy, and placed at least 3 feet from fireplaces and radiators.  Make sure your tree lights have been rated by a testing laboratory and are free from frayed cords and broken bulbs.  If they are damaged, throw them out.  Sadly, for all you traditionalists, the most fire-resistant Christmas tree is an artificial one.

4: Never drink and drive.

Or hang lights.  Or drink and do… pretty much anything.

5: Be candle aware.

Candles are the culprit behind more house fires than anything else, year-round.  Don’t put candles near curtains, wrapping paper, or anywhere tiny hands can get a hold of them.

And finally, be kind to yourself.  If your holiday traditions include decorating your house so it can be seen from space, buying presents for your large extended family, baking cookies for the homeless and driving four hundred miles to Grandma’s house… that’s kind of a lot.  Accidents tend to befall us when we are worn out.  Don’t overdo it!  Your future self will thank you.

From all of us at Shafner Law, have a wonderful holiday season.

Article by Molly Fuscher

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