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Bad Faith Insurance Claims

New Colorado Law to Benefit Plaintiffs with Medical Liens

House Bill 21-1300 recently became Colorado law. This law contains some good news for people who have racked up liens for medical care due to injuries caused by another’s negligence.  It goes into effect September 7, 2021. What is a Medical Lien? In Colorado, hospitals and other providers have the right to ask accident victims to sign a lien stating…

What is Med Pay?

Med Pay, or Medical Payment coverage, is a type of insurance that is designed to provide fast payment of medical bills in the event of an accident.  It is a hybrid kind of coverage, part auto and part medical, that is sold by auto insurers.  In Colorado, auto insurers are required to offer at least $5000 in Med Pay coverage.…

Can You Trust Your Insurance Company?

You’ve been in an accident.  You file a claim with your insurance company.  You’re hurt, your car needs repair, and you’re missing work.  You repeatedly contact your insurance company and receive no response.  You go to the doctor, the radiologist, the chiropractor.  Bills pile up.  Finally, a letter from your insurance company arrives, but the amount they offer is less…