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Bicycle Accidents

Biomechanics: Letting Science Tell the Story

If you have been injured in an accident, you may need to get familiar with a new word: biomechanics. While it may conjure images of robots or funky greenhouses, biomechanics is actually an interdisciplinary scientific field that studies how forces (tension, compression, and shear) affect the human body. You may hear the term from your physical therapist or your lawyer.…

Vision Zero Sees Progress

Vision Zero.  It’s a cool name for a radical goal: to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries for all drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians to zero. The concept began in Sweden in the 1990s, has proven successful across Europe, and was adopted by Denver Mayor Michael Hancock in 2016.  Vision Zero goes beyond the traditional, piecemeal approach to traffic safety.  It…

E-scooters: Here to Stay?

If you’ve been to downtown Denver lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen an e-scooter.  Maybe you’ve even rented one for a quick, cheap trip across town.  Zipping past gridlock for pennies per mile, while leaving a zero-carbon footprint?  What a great idea!  That’s fast, efficient, good-for-the-planet transportation! But wait.  Where do you park that scooter, once you’re done with…

Bicycling in Colorado: Share the Road!

If you live in Colorado, you’ve seen them– the spandex-clad champions of mountain highways, pedaling past stalled traffic on Interstate 40, the intrepid e-bicyclists of Denver, or the suburban riders coasting past with ding of a bell or an insistent “On your left!” Bikers.  “Cyclists,” if you prefer.  If you are one, we salute you.  And sometimes, if we are…