Dog Bites

First Aid for Minor Dog Bite Injuries

By |February 17th, 2016|Dog Bites|

We hear a lot about serious dog bite injuries in the news, but most dog bites are relatively minor by comparison. In fact, many minor dog bites go unreported as they don’t require immediate medical treatment in a hospital or doctor’s office. If you have any concerns about the seriousness of a dog bite, seek [...]

The Role of Dog Breed in Dog Bite Risk

By |January 15th, 2016|Dog Bites|

In Denver and other communities across the Front Range, legislature banning specific breeds of dogs is widespread. These so-called “breed bans” are intended to eliminate “dangerous breeds” and nearly all are focused on Pit Bull Terriers and similar “Bully Breeds.” These breed bans continue to be a source of debate, and our Denver dog bite [...]