Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Residents Abused on Social Media

Abuse of social media is nothing new. From cases of doxing, (sharing private information on the internet) to online bullying, internet trolls have made it their mission to harm others online. Unfortunately, abusing social media is no longer just in the realm of hackers and internet trolls. Our Denver nursing home abuse lawyer is sad [...]

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The Unlikely Source of Nursing Home Abuse

Each year an estimated 5 million elderly Americans fall victim to abuse, neglect, or exploitation according to the Administration for Community Living. Experts believe that for each of these reported cases another 23 incidents go unreported. A recent study conducted by the Center for Aging Research and Clinical Care at Weill Cornell Medicine in New [...]

Types of Nursing Home Abuse to Watch For

Nursing home abuse is always a tragic set of circumstances. You want to trust the staff and administration of the nursing home facility you have selected to care for your loved one. The betrayal of that trust is devastating and can unfortunately take many forms. As a relative of a nursing home occupant, you should [...]