There are numerous reasons why many people love living in or visiting Wyoming. Driving on state roadways is probably not one of them, however. This state ranks high on lists for most dangerous highways in the United States. If you’re traveling on one of the roads mentioned in this post, be aware that the risk of collision is great, and proceed with extra caution.

Wyoming’s most dangerous section of roadway is in Platte County. I-25, between exits 94 and 100, has been the scene of more collision-related fatalities than any other road in the state. Speeding, intoxicated drivers and driving distractions are the most common factors associated with fatal motor vehicle accidents in Wyoming. Weather, especially wind, and wildlife are also key issues.

I-80 in Cheyenne is known as one of the deadliest highways

The stretch of road traveling east to west through Cheyenne, Wyoming on I-80 is not only one of the most high-risk areas in the state but also one of the most dangerous highways across the country. Many of the state’s fatal car accidents happen on this interstate.

There are more than 60,000 miles of highway in Wyoming. In addition to I-80 and I-25, SR-137 and US-26 are ranked high for driving-related injuries and fatalities throughout the state. You have no way of knowing how another driver is going to behave. No matter how cautious and alert you are, another driver’s negligence or recklessness can cause a collision that results in severe injuries to you or someone traveling in your vehicle.

Injuries, rising insurance premiums and other collision-related issues

Not only in Cheyenne, which is Wyoming’s largest city, but elsewhere throughout the state, insurance costs are on the rise. Increased premiums are often an implication of motor vehicle collisions. Besides insurance issues, the emotional trauma and physical injuries you might endure if another driver hits you can have a far-reaching effect in all aspects of your life.

Why should you have to bear the financial burdens associated with a Wyoming collision if another driver’s negligence or reckless behavior was the cause? Many recovering victims (as well as family members of fatally injured victims) have sought justice in civil court by filing legal claims following collisions on some of the state’s most dangerous highways. It’s always best to research the state’s injury laws ahead of litigation to ensure that you understand the legal process and have gathered the evidence needed to prove the claim in court.