Avoiding Hitting Gravel In a Corner Motorcycle Accident

In this blog series, we’re highlighting tips for avoiding the common causes of motorcycle accidents. Hitting gravel, sand, or some other uneven surface when you round a corner can cause you to wipe out and do serious damage to you and your bike.

To avoid crashing in a blind corner, try these tips:

  • Slow in, fast out. This rule of thumb could save your life. You should never ride faster than your range of vision and reaction time allow. Enter corners slowly until you can see all the way through. Once you know the way is clear, you can speed up.
  • Trail brake. Brake through the apex of the curve, using the front brake, which will compress your front suspension and increase the front tire’s contact with the road. Once again, you can hit the throttle once you know the way is clear.
  • Ride the line. Increase your range of vision by hugging the outside line of the curve. Increased visual range equals safer riding.

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