Halloween night and weekend is a great time to don your favorite costume and share some laughs with friends. However, with more partiers and pedestrians out, it is also one of the most dangerous times of the year to be on the roads. Drunk drivers only increase the danger.

Even for sober drivers, Halloween night can be a challenge. Children can dart out into the roadways unexpectedly while trick-or-treating, and teen and adult party-goers can do the same when they are more wrapped up in their revelry than where they are going.

Drunk drivers cause an average of:

  • 44% of fatal car accidents
  • 23% of pedestrian deaths in car accidents
  • Three times as many deaths as they cause on New Year’s Eve

Don't Be a Real Monster On Halloween

You can save lives this Halloween weekend by planning ahead. Become a hero, not a monster:

  • Carpool to festivities with friends
  • Designate the sober driver in your group
  • Walk to the neighborhood party
  • Plan your route on public transportation
  • Use that smartphone to call a cab for a ride

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