truck accidentsThe dangers of large trucks are well established. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports nearly four thousand fatalities due to accidents involving large trucks in 2014 alone, with an additional 110,000 people injured. In the same year, nearly half a million accidents were reported that involved a large truck. Although not all accidents can be avoided, these tips can help you stay safer driving around large trucks.

Be aware of blind spots

Truck drivers cannot see the areas close to the semi. Stay out of the three blind spots for big rigs—directly behind or in front of the truck, and on either side. Try to stay where you can see the driver.

Give semis plenty of space

Aside from following at a safe distance so you can be seen, make sure you provide extra room while changing lanes in front of a large truck or following behind one. Truck drivers do not have the same level of maneuverability that drivers of cars enjoy.

Keep your cool

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when driving near a large truck is to have patience.  While it may seem like a large truck is slowing you down, you are likely to only shave seconds off of your trip and put yourself and your passengers at risk by using risky passing behaviors.

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