How many times have you used voice commands while driving? Didn’t you think it was a safe way to interact with technology? A new study conducted by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in conjunction with the University of Utah found that voice-activated technology in your car can cause significant distractions and impair your driving.

The study used 10 different in-vehicle information systems and 3 different smart phone assistants. All of them were found to provider moderate distraction to drivers that could last up to 27 seconds after terminating use of the technology. This means that drivers who use the technology during what they might consider “safe” moments, such as at a red traffic light, may still be distracted as they move into traffic.

Even more important, the tests found that practice did NOT increase proficiency with the devices and lessen distraction. Tasks that were difficult with the technology on the first day of testing remained difficult after a week of participant practice.

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