Motorcycle Safety MythsWith summer weather settling in, more motorcycle riders will take to the Colorado roadways. During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month this May, we would like to remind all drivers and riders to share the road as we clear up the facts about some motorcycle safety myths.

Myth 1: Drivers Always Hear Loud Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

Although a louder exhaust may increase the chances of a driver hearing a motorcycle rider, it is no guarantee that a driver will notice the rider, especially if the rider is approaching from behind.

Myth 2: Highway Travel Is More Dangerous Than In-Town Riding

Even though traveling in urban settings allows drivers and riders to use slower speeds, 91 percent of all accidents involving motorcycles and passenger vehicles occur on non-interstate roads.

Myth 3: Riding Defensively Will Make Drivers See Motorcyclists

Taking measures like riding close to the centerline can help riders stay out of motorists blind spots, but the truth is, passenger vehicle drivers often just do not see motorcycles.

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