Being involved in an accident is always a traumatic experience. You and your family now need to deal with health issues and medical expenses that you never anticipated. An experienced Colorado accident attorney can guide you through the complex legal process to ensure that you pursue all avenues of recovery to help your family get back on your feet again. A Colorado accident attorney can help you:

  • Find immediate sources of money for medical expenses
  • Thoroughly investigate the accident for evidence to prove your claim
  • Deal with the insurance company and their lawyers, who will try to minimize your claim
  • Fight for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering or loss of companionship and support

Should I Hire a Colorado Accident Attorney?

Not every remedy is available in every case, and insurance companies will work to limit your recovery. At Shafner Law, our attorneys have the experience and know-how to explore all potential damages and parties to pursue in your case. We also have the dedication and tenacity to get the justice you deserve.

Call our experienced auto accident lawyers today at (303) 796-0555 for your free consultation if you or your loved one has been seriously injured. We serve clients throughout Denver and the entire state of Colorado.