Surprising Effects of Daylight Savings TimeDaylight Savings Time is upon us again. For many of us that means a harder time getting ourselves and our kids out of bed and off to work and school. It may surprise you to know that Daylight Savings Time also brings with it the threat of increased injuries.

Increased Car Accidents

In a study from the University of Colorado at Boulder, researchers found that the first six days after the time switch resulted in 302 deaths in car accidents and a financial cost of $2.75 billion in a ten-year period. The Fatal Accident Reporting System found a 17 percent increase in car accident fatalities on the Monday after the time change.

More Workplace Injuries

In a study presented in the Journal of Applied Psychology, researchers found that mine workers arrived at work with an average of 40 minutes less sleep than normal after Daylight Savings Time and they experienced 5.7 percent more workplace injuries in the week following the time change.

Higher Heart Attack Rate

Swedish researches found that heart attack rates increased by 5 percent in the first three days following the time change in the spring. They attributed this increase to the release of stress hormones and increased inflammation that can accompany changes in sleep patterns.

Altering our sleep patterns is dangerous. Be careful out there as you adjust to the time change this week. Slow down, pay more attention, and try to get as much sleep as you can.

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