You’re driving along a Wyoming highway when another vehicle veers over the yellow line and hits you head-on. You have no idea what caused the driver to breach the traffic line. All you know is that you’re bleeding and in a lot of pain. Flash forward few days, after you have received medical treatment at a local hospital and were sent home with instructions for further care. You then learn that the driver who hit you did not have auto insurance.

If you have uninsured motorist (UM) coverage as part of your auto insurance policy, you’ll be able to collect compensation to pay your medical bills as well as to replace lost wages for time off work associated with the accident. Wyoming does not require car owners to purchase UM coverage.

Insurance agencies must offer UM

Many people add UM coverage to their package for less than $200 per year and wind up being glad they have it if they’re involved in a collision with an uninsured motorist. Insurers must offer UM coverage, and those who do not wish to add it to their policies must decline in writing.

Additional options if you don’t have UM insurance coverage

In Wyoming and all other states, if another driver’s careless or reckless behavior causes an accident that results in injuries to you or your child, you can seek restitution in civil court. This means that you would be suing the other driver for damages. In other words, if the other driver was at fault and you can prove that in court, you may recover financial losses associated with the incident.

If you have UM coverage up to a certain amount, you might consider filing a claim against the other driver for any additional losses the UM coverage could not meet. Filing a personal injury claim assumes that the defendant will have sufficient assets to pay the judgement if your claim is successful. There is always a risk that someone who does not have car insurance may also not have the means to pay compensation ordered by a judge in a personal injury claim.

Taking one day at a time after a motor vehicle collision

Rest is always important following a car accident. It’s difficult and stressful to have to deal with insurance issues while trying to recover from emotional trauma and physical injuries. If you have questions or concerns about Wyoming laws or how to go about filing an injury claim, you should not hesitate to reach out for guidance and support.