Premises LiabilityThere are many types of premises liability claims. Owners of properties that invite the public onto the property, such as businesses, can be exposed to liability if they neglect to keep their property in good condition. If you’re injured, for example, because a sidewalk in front of or leading to a storefront was damaged but not noticeable to an average passer-by, you could pursue a claim for damages. However, there are some hurdles to overcome in determining whether you should make a claim:

  • Did the premises owner know of the danger posed by the condition that caused your injury? If the owner refused or neglected to correct the condition, liability will be easier to prove.
  • Is it worth it? Some property owners don’t carry insurance for some specific risks and if they don’t have substantial assets, it may not be worth seeking damages if you cannot collect damages for your injuries.

Slip-and-fall cases are the most common types of premises liability claims, but injuries sustained from damaged equipment (elevators or escalators, for example), water damage (collapsing ceilings), or faulty or non-existent fire alarms or extinguishers, among others, can also be pursued.

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