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Don’t Face The Aftermath Of An Accident Alone

Motor vehicle accidents are a common cause of injury and fatalities in Colorado and throughout the United States. It only takes a second for your life to change forever. Whether your accident involved distracted driving or a truck, or if you were hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian, you shouldn’t need to focus your attention on the legal logistics of a personal injury claim. You should be focusing on your recovery so that you can move forward with your life.

At Shafner Injury Law, we are lawyers who have over 40 years of experience helping clients in Denver recover millions of dollars of compensation for their injuries. You may feel like you are utterly alone in the aftermath of your accident, but we are here for you. We understand the financial anxiety and uncertainty that you may be feeling. We will walk you through the process and get you the compensation you deserve.

Busy Roads Mean More Opportunities For Accidents

Denver is a fast-growing city. With an increase in population comes a natural increase in road traffic. Between highways and major roadways, accidents are common among cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks. These accidents can severely affect your physical, mental and financial health.

We are experienced personal injury attorneys who can help you with a variety of motor vehicle accidents, including those involving:

Whether you are suffering from a severe back injury, broken bones, a traumatic brain injury or paralysis, we know how to build your case and get you what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motor Vehicle Accidents

We know how overwhelming it is to face a legal process you aren’t familiar with. We are here to answer your questions and learn more about your case. In the meantime, below are some answers to frequently asked questions about motor vehicle accidents.

What types of damages can I recover?

In personal injury claims, including those for motor vehicle accidents, you may be able to recover economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages include tangible financial losses, such as medical bills and lost income. Noneconomic damages include pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment in life. The types of damages you can recover depend on the circumstances of your case. We will get to know you and your situation to determine what kind of damages to pursue.

Who is responsible for my medical bills if I am not to blame in the accident?

Accident victims in Colorado can file claims with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. Insurance companies will always take action to limit compensation to save themselves money. Even if the insurance company offers you a settlement, it may be significantly lower than what you deserve.

What happens if I am partially to blame for the accident?

Under Colorado law, a victim may recover compensation even if they are responsible for the accident in some capacity. The court will often intervene if an agreement cannot be reached with the other party in negotiations. Judges will then determine the modified comparative negligence and determine how much the victim is entitled to receive from the other party.

Helping You Move Forward

Whether we’re handling cases involving motorcycle wrecks or rideshare crashes, we have the experience to help you move forward with the compensation you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you. Call our firm at 720-800-4715 or fill out an online contact form.