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$1.5 Million Jury Verdict Wrongful Death Case

Our client was tragically killed in a one-car accident when the defendant driver crashed his vehicle while under the influence of drugs.

After a one-week trial a Colorado jury returned a $1,500,000.00 in favor of our client.

Confidential Settlement After Trial

A complex negligent security case where our client was evicted from a hotel and suffered catastrophic injuries.

After 10 years of litigation, including three appeals, a decision by the Colorado Supreme Court, and a two-week jury trial, the case was resolved for a confidential sum.

$1 Million Settlement

Our client was broadsided by a dump truck while on vacation in Colorado resulting in numerous orthopedic injuries requiring surgery.

$824,500.00 Settlement

While working at a drilling rig, our client suffered severe orthopedic injuries to one arm requiring numerous surgeries. A settlement conference resulted in successful negotiation of $824,500.00 for our client.

$487,500.00 Settlement

Our client was working at a Colorado construction site when a crane collapsed causing nonsurgical leg and knee injuries. A settlement conference resulted in successful negotiation of $487,500.00 for our client.

$250,000.00 Settlement

While driving his motorcycle, our client was sideswiped by another motorcyclist. Our client suffered serious ankle fractures requiring multiple surgeries. The case was settled after a lawsuit was filed.

$200,000.00 Settlement

Our client suffered a head injury while a resident at an assisted living facility. The case was resolved after nearly a year of litigation in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado.

$500,000.00 Settlement After Trial

Our client, age 90, was a passenger in a car that collided head-on with a police vehicle. Our client suffered a torn rotator cuff, broken ribs and abrasions to her skin. The case settled following a jury trial for $500,000.00.

$250,000.00 Settlement

Our client was shopping at a grocery store when she slipped and fell and suffered cervical spine injuries. The case was litigated and resolved prior to trial.

$4,091,767.94 Judgment

Our client suffered a devastating brain injury when hit by a car while driving his motorcycle. A judgment was entered in favor of the Plaintiff for $4,091,767.94.

$800,000.00 Settlement

Our client suffered a severe ankle fracture requiring surgery after being hit head-on by a vehicle on a test drive. Multiple settlement conferences resulted in successful negotiation of $800,000.00 for our client.

$4 Million Settlement

Our client was severely burned after a highway accident involving tractor trailer.

$1 Million Settlement

Our client sustained severe injuries when he was rear-ended by a teenager who was driving his parent’s SUV. The case was resolved during litigation.

$300,000.00 Settlement

In a very unique case, our client was arm wrestling at a work function and fractured his arm requiring surgical intervention. A lawsuit was brought against the out-of-state event organizer.

$800,000.00 Settlement

In another highly unique case our client was tragically killed after an EMT administered a lethal dose of medication.

$130,000.00 Settlement

Our client fell out of a chairlift at a Colorado ski resort and suffered a broken wrist. The case was settled prior to litigation.

$275,000.00 Settlement

While driving at low speed in the snow, our client suffered serious ankle and leg injuries after being hit head-on by another low speed driver.

$215,000.00 Settlement

Our client slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk while working for a commercial delivery service. The case was resolved after a year of litigation.

$487,500.00 Settlement

Our client was working as a roofer when he fell through an open hole that had been cut for a skylight. He suffered multiple orthopedic injuries. After extensive litigation the case was resolved prior to trial.