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You Can Help Hold Abusers Accountable

After a sexual assault, the last thing you want to do is to relive your trauma. However, filing a claim and seeking justice for the harm against you can be a productive way to process your trauma and take a step forward.

You may be worried about the social impact or retaliation if you come forward. However, seeking counsel and learning more about your options is still wise. When you meet with us at Shafner Injury Law, everything you tell us is confidential and will be kept private. We are compassionate lawyers who have experience helping victims in Denver through sexual assault claims, and we will always look out for your best interests. Whether your abuser is a coach, a friend or a clergy member, we will help you seek justice.

Compensation Is More Than Money

Monetary compensation isn’t the only goal of filing a civil claim for sexual assault; it can also make your recovery easier. In sexual assault cases, we typically can pursue economic, noneconomic and punitive damages.

Economic damages can cover your medical expenses and mental health care, lost wages due to missing work and any other financial losses resulting from the assault. Noneconomic damages focus on intangible harms, such as pain, suffering and mental anguish. Punitive damages are a form of punishment against the abuser in the form of a hefty fine.

Filing a claim can also provide a sense of closure as you recover from the assault. It also is a way to help past and potential victims by promoting justice and holding your abuser accountable for their actions. When you take the law into your hands and pursue a claim, you may feel empowered and more in control.

Take Back Control From Your Abuser

Ultimately, only you can decide if it’s worthwhile to file a claim for sexual abuse. The process can be difficult and emotionally taxing, and you may have to relive your trauma over and over again. Although it can be difficult, it is a way to take back control and hold your abuser accountable. We are happy to meet with you, hear your story and discuss your concerns. We are compassionate attorneys who will advise you of your rights and explain the legal process to ensure that you are informed and comfortable with the next steps. To schedule a consultation with us, contact us online or call 720-800-4715.