Insurance is supposed to be there when you need it. You pay premiums, so that you have a financial resource to lean on when life takes a turn for the worse. However, insurers too often deal in bad faith when you make a claim against your policy.

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Types of Bad Faith Dealing

Whether you are dealing with home insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, or disability insurance, you may find that the insurance company does not want to deal in good faith. The insurance company may deny your legitimate claim in several ways:

  • Deny that a valid claim is covered under your policy
  • Delay investigation of the claim
  • Delay communications about your claim
  • Delay payment of the claim
  • Pay only partials benefits for the claim
  • Fail to provide prompt and reasonable explanations for the denial or partial payment of your claim

Bad faith dealing is more than just a difference of opinion over how much your claim is worth. When the claims adjuster refuses to give you specific reasons for denying your claim or reasons for giving you a low settlement, you are likely dealing with a bad faith insurance claim.

Attorneys Who Fight for the Little Guy

Unfortunately for consumers, it’s hard to fight the big insurance companies. That’s where Shafner Law can help. We fight for the little guy.

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You may be eligible to receive up to three times the amount of benefits owed to you in addition to other damages in your bad faith insurance case against the insurance company.

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