Personal Injury

Why Should I Hire a Trial Lawyer?

When you are injured severely in an accident, you want a lawyer who is experienced in handling cases like yours. Just like you wouldn’t want your general practitioner doctor to perform your heart surgery, you don’t want an attorney without the proper experience and training to handle your injury case. You want a lawyer who [...]

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Uber: A Safe Ride?

Uber has popped up in cities across the country in the last few years as a convenient alternative to using a taxi service. Choosing to take an Uber may cost you a lot more than you anticipated. In the most recent case in Denver, an Uber driver has been charged with sexually assaulting his passenger [...]

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At the Shafner Law firm, our attorneys are committed to providing personal service to all of our clients. Communication is our priority with you. As our client you will have full access to your attorney and know where your case stands. We understand that whatever accident and injuries you have endured, you are not defined [...]